Your body and spirit have stories to tell.

I help translate.

You're in pain. You've been to doctors and specialists, but you still don't have answers. Whatever your problem is, it isn't going away.


Now you’re hungry for a new perspective. Medical Intuition gives you information that you can use. My insight can help you connect the dots and find solutions.

If you're ready to heal, come see me. Let's explore your health and energy together. 


Courtney is the real deal- an intuitive talent whose wisdom and sincerity shine through her work. After only a few sessions, I have a greater understanding of myself and feel a newly awakened aliveness and energy that I didn't know was available.

—  Melena, San Francisco

Clairvoyance is Medicine

Some healers can access the subtle realms to provide insight and direction to people who feel lost and broken. Call them Oracles. Seers. Intuitives. We have the gift of sight and the calling to serve. 


In Medical Intuition, I look at different parts of your being, which appear to me as a series of images. Some of these are literal and some are metaphorical. By looking inside and around your body this way, I find clues about the manifestation and root of illness and pain. My role is to see and start to move the energy that is stuck, and let you take over from there. 


I'm also a licensed acupuncturist with over 15 years of hands-on experience. I give homework, recommend herbs and supplements, and provide referrals. Most importantly, I empower you to make better decisions about your health. I want to help you find your own answers and develop your own intuitive connection to your body. 


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