Postpartum herbal care packages for new moms baby showers and registries. Based on the Golden Month Chinese medicine tradition.

New Moms Need Care

Postpartum herbal recovery packages, for healing

Pregnancy is beautiful and miraculous. It's also taxing. A woman's body will shift in all kinds of ways, and it will take months to heal inside and out. 

Most mamas spend their pregnancy planning for baby's arrival, but neglect to plan for their own recovery. 

In Chinese Medicine we understand that there is a critical window immediately following birth during which a woman can heal her body and prepare for her life as a mother.​ In fact, we say that way you care for your body during these first 40 days after birth will affect your health for the next 40 years!

I've updated this Golden Month to make it accessible for Western moms, in a way that feels respectful to the original tradition. For your "Mama Month" I've curated specialty products that soothe and heal, in formats that are easy to use and safe for mom and baby. 

Using these products you can support your adrenals, thyroid, hormones, nervous system, and immune system. You'll heal from the inside out, and start motherhood in top form.

Mix and Match

We can discuss over a video consultation ($110) which items are ideal for you or the new mama in your life.

You may also purchase the full package ($209) or individual products by emailing me below. 

Healing Takes Time

A woman needs special resources to facilitate the changes that will happen to her body as she recovers from pregnancy and childbirth.

Her cervix and uterus will contract, her organs will shift back into their original positions, any tears or incisions will heal, she will lose some of her hair, she may sweat profusely as her body sheds excess water, and she will begin lactating (and maybe choose to stop lactating as well!) During these changes there may be pain, bleeding, and mood swings and she is vulnerable to elements like cold, wind, and dampness.

Most traditional cultures celebrate and honor the critical postpartum period. I base my offerings on Traditional Chinese Medicine, but there are similar practices documented in Ayurvedic medicine, throughout Eastern and Southeastern Asia, in many Latin cultures, in several African nations, and even in a few very old Western medical textbooks. 

The common denominators across time and culture are: 





Rest; warming practices like hot water bottles or moxibustion; and nutrient-dense foods like soups, congees, and herbal teas will help a new mother recover from pregnancy and childbirth and start the journey of motherhood with strength and vitality. 

Herbal Chinese medicine products for postpartum recovery during the Golden Month,


It’s been a whole month and a few weeks since I started my mama month. I feel great physically, and very at peace with my postpartum self.

—  Kyla, San Francisco