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Tiny Case Study: On Accuracy

I offer these case studies as examples of my work. Note that the identity of the subjects is carefully protected, and every session is very different.

In this work, there's obviously a fair amount of concern (and skepticism) regarding accuracy.

I feel this myself at times, worrying that the specific information I receive won't be accurate or helpful to my clients.

But, the more I do this work, the more I witness that whatever information comes through has a purpose. When I see parts of the body or energetic field, the things that show up are exactly what needs to be acknowledged for the client's healing to proceed.

Of course, often when I read for people I don't get to hear a follow up so I never know how the information landed or what, exactly, the purpose of that revelation might have been. So it's a treat when clients return to me and relay some of their post-session experiences and insights.

Recently I read for a woman who was concerned about weight loss. She had been eating healthy vegetarian meals and exercising regularly for months, but had barely lost any weight.

When I looked at her energy, I was immediately dawn to her right knee, which looked red and inflamed. When I relayed this to her, she said she didn't have any problems with that knee and wasn't sure what my images could mean.

I also looked at her internal organs and noticed that her pancreas was utterly exhausted. It looked like it had been running a marathon and needed rest and replenishment. When I considered what might facilitate this, I saw that herbs to support and stabilize blood sugar metabolism would be useful, and recommended I product that I like.

The rest of the session was dedicated to unpacking some emotional baggage that showed up, and discussing the ways this client could take care of herself emotionally.

She returned a couple months later for a separate issue, but first she gave me an update. She said that the evening after our session she went home and immediately her right knee "blew up". It was inflamed, swollen, and painful, and since that time her knee had prevented her from exercising as regularly. We decided to do some acupuncture to move any stagnant energy in this part of her body. However, ever since she started the supplement she had been losing weight and was down about 30 pounds!

It's important that both the practitioner and the client trust the process, and ultimately use their own inner compass to assess any information that is revealed during a session.

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