• Courtney Moore

Moving Energy in 2020

This has been a crazy year. Wildfires, global pandemic, political unrest, police brutality, hurricanes, tornadoes, more wildfires, fires closer to home, and now the death of RBG. 

The energy is moving FAST right now, y'all. 

And on a personal level, you're metabolizing a lot of change. If you're not moving that old energy through your system and out the door, you might feel stuck, anxious, depressed, distracted, or generally vulnerable to the whims of the outside world. 

It's so important to move energy right now, and allow for your own individual catharsis. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Exercise! Move your body, preferably in an intuitive way. Maybe today you need high-intensity sprints or interval training; maybe you need gentle stretching and slower movements. Ask your body what would help it move any stuckness out of your system. I've been enjoying virtual yoga classes and YouTube HIIT sessions, as well as walks around the city when the air quality allows.

  • Meditation. There are so many styles of meditation, and the styles that will move energy the most involve scanning areas of the body for tension, pain, or sensation and releasing your attachment to that sensation. Vipassana, Hridaya, and Psychic Meditation will all aid in this goal. If you'd like to join a weekly meditation group, contact me for recommendations.

  • Breath work. Again, there are many styles and approaches for this, but for the purpose of moving out the old we'll want to focus on exhales. Try lengthening the exhale to twice the length of the inhale, or engage in a formal pranayama practice like nadi shodhana. You can find guided sessions on YouTube. 

  • Bathing or swimming. Water is profoundly clearing, as I've been reminded while learning to surf during COVID! Every time I get in the ocean, I get out feeling so much more like myself. If you can't or don't want to immerse yourself in the sea, a salty bath will work nearly as well. 

  • Writing. ​You can use a practice like Morning Pages from The Artist's Way, or just set aside a certain amount of time for free writing. Try to keep your pen/fingers moving rather than stopping to reflect, to tap into the deeper parts of you that are ready for release. If it feels inspired, you can burn whatever you write when you're done.

How do you like to move energy when you feel stuck? Let me know in the comments!

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