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January 2021: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Still feels like 2020 but change is in the air. The Lunar New Year is where the energy really shifts, anyways. But, here we go into 2021!

My top tips for a healthy new year: ​

  • Wear a KF94 mask outside of your home, run an air filter inside your home, wash your hands regularly, and get the vaccine when it becomes available to you. If you are concerned about side effects of the vaccine, talk to me about herbs! There are some very useful formulas for this. ​

  • Supplement with a smart strategy. For immunity I like vitamin D, Wellness Formula, and elderberry. For energy I recommend adaptogens and omega-3 fatty acids. For a daily multivitamin I like Catalyn. If you have specific supplement questions, schedule a 30-minute telehealth session and we can discuss. ​

  • Move your body! In whatever way feels good to you. I like yoga, walking, and YouTube HIIT workouts. You might enjoy jogging, biking, Pilates, lifting weights, playing tennis, or working with a trainer. These are all COVID-safe options! ​

  • Practice gratitude and prioritize joy. Be aware of grace. ​

  • Cultivate habits that serve you. This means getting enough sleep, eating regular meals, checking in with friends and family, and working with professionals who can support you (like me!)

On that note, my 2021 rates are $110 for 30-minute online sessions and $175 for 50-minute in-person sessions, effective February 1. Understanding that COVID has affected some of you, I’m offering the following options:

  • You may purchase as many sessions as you'd like (for future use) at the $150 rate, until February 1 (like a DIY package!) These sessions will never expire. Email me to purchase. ​

  • I'm introducing a new subscription option that includes two sessions per month (in-person or online) for $300/month. This also includes a monthly group meditation call and unlimited email support. Three month minimum commitment please.

  • Discounted telehealth packages of three- or ten-sessions are available, please see my website for details. ​

  • Until the world is back to some semblance of "normal" I'm offering a COVID discount of $20 per in-person session to anyone in need. Just ask for the COVID rate in the appointment notes.

Tonight is the New Moon in Capricorn. Our card for this cycle: The Emperor ​

​This card represents authority, tradition, structure, and patriarchy. I actually see it as a a very Capricorn card (although it is traditionally associated with Aries). It also reminds me of so many structures of power that are shifting this month, though slowly and not without a fight.

As within, so without--this card is inviting you to examine the outdated authoritarian, patriarchal, or overly traditional voices that are running the show inside your head and heart. How can you invite structure and authority in a way that feels healthy, life-affirming, and useful? Where in your life do you need these energies, and where can they take the back seat? Who is the tyrant in your head who needs to be evicted?

May we all find the freedom and connection we crave in the new year.

​ ​

Be well,


"Courtney has been an incredible resource for me over the past several years in her acupuncture practice. I feel so grateful to still be able to connect with her during this time with her medical intuitive practice. She is a gifted healer that is able to connect the emotional, physical and intuitive in a way that feels compassionate and supportive. In the session she was able to uncover things I had no idea were connected and gave me practices I could use in my own meditation to reinforce new patterns. I felt calm, grounded and like I had a way to tap into my own healing because of her support and guidance. I completely trust Courtney and highly recommend her!"

My practice grows entirely from word of mouth and I greatly appreciate your referrals, as well as Yelp and Google reviews that introduce people to my work.

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