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Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year! May the Metal Ox bring incredible fortune and an end to this pandemic.

I've been fielding a lot of questions about self-care practices surrounding vaccination. Honestly we're all flying somewhat blind with this, but I did find this article on (not) taking NSAIDs before you get your jab. Note that the article recommends against prophylactically taking NSAIDs before you get the shot, but allows that it may be appropriate to take NSAIDs after getting the jab to deal with any side effects (like the splitting headache I had, or the very sore arm, nausea, and fever some people experience).

As far as supplementary support, I recommend taking whatever you currently take to boost your immune system, but avoiding any herbs that treat a specific symptom or pattern until/unless you are symptomatic. Meaning: supplements like elderberry, vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, etc are all great to boost your innate immunity and therefore temper your reaction to the vaccine. Antimicrobial herbs like oregano, garlic, grape seed extract, and echinacea may not be ideal because we want your body to learn to recognize and defeat the COVID virus without extra help from plant friends. These options may be good to keep on hand and take if you're suffering, but avoid for the first 24 hours after your vaccine.

Since I'll get the second round of the vaccine on February 18, that means you have until then to book a sliding scale Tarot reading with me! This happens to make a great Valentine's gift, so contact me if you'd like to send someone a virtual session.

2021 has been full of changes already, and it's great to see and feel the energy moving. And also, hard to keep track of everything sometimes! Some updates: ​

  • Sliding scale Tarot ends February 18. ​

  • I'm now using a different credit card processor, so you may need to re-enter your credit card information when booking. ​

  • I'm using a new drop-ship supplement dispensary called Fullscript, in addition to using Crane Herbs for Chinese formulas. ​

  • Video sessions are no longer recorded due to restrictions by my HIPAA-compliant software. ​

  • And I'm offering subscriptions for both hands-on sessions ($300/month for 2 sessions) and video sessions ($200/month for 2 sessions). Three-month minimum for either option. Email me to sign up.

Whether you choose to get the vaccine or not, please continue to help stop the spread of the pandemic by wearing a mask (I'm double-masking these days) and social distancing, even through this cloud of COVID fatigue. Support your immune system, find ways to connect with your community, and remember to move your body! I loved this BBC article on preventing back pain due to our collective new lifestyle, and I'll be teaching a webinar on treating TMJ pain at home in April--stay tuned for details.

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