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Five Three-Card Tarot Spreads That Give You Clarity

I love three-card spreads when I read Tarot. I find that one card doesn't always provide clarity--in fact, often it can just echo the question right back to me. More complicated spreads like the Celtic Cross are fun, but I'll only use them a couple times a year for any particular client. They give a big, complex portrait of energy, and it's not appropriate to revisit this frequently.

But three-card spreads! Here's the sweet spot. They are the Goldilocks of spreads for me: not too complicated, not too simple. Just right. Here are a five of my favorite three-card readings. These are great to reach for when you need some clarity and direction.

* Past, Present, Future

Pretty straightforward here. The first card is what you're coming out of, the second card is your current situation, and the third card is the direction you're going (unless you do some course correction!) All three positions can give you insight about why you're in the pickle you're in.

* Situation, Obstacle, Action

This spread is nice when you are grappling with a hurdle and not sure how to overcome it. I appreciate the action step at the end, which really sends you in a specific direction as you work through your block.

* You, Them, The Relationship

A great spread for interpersonal dynamics, meaning this is applicable to any relationship not just romantic relationships. Really look at your part in the dynamic, the other party's contribution, and the way that is manifesting in your dyad. Remember you can only control yourself, so keep that in mind as you process the information you gather.

* Option 1, Option 2, Deciding Factors

When you're stuck between two choices, this spread gives a lot of clarity regarding pros and cons of each. Deciding Factors can include external influences, internal hopes and fears, or anything else influencing your decision. This spread gives you information but not necessary direction--your choice is always your own.

* Strengths, Weaknesses, Advice

This one is even more specific when it comes to pros and cons. It's also a little more direct as far as planning next steps.

These are some of my favorite and most trusted readings. Try one out and see what you learn about yourself!

Courtney Moore is a licensed acupuncturist in San Francisco, California specializing in spiritual growth. She loves sharing her passion for natural approaches to women’s health through her online articles and at her clinic in the Mission district of San Francisco. Call for an appointment at 415-580-2282.

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