• Courtney Moore

Finding Community...Virtually

"Working with Courtney and the rest of the women has given me the confidence and awareness I need to make decisions and take steps forward in all aspects of my life. I am so honored to be surrounded by such an inspiring and diverse group of women. In a time I was seeking community, I found this group that has become a support system available to me when I need them." - Amanda, San Francisco

About a year and a half ago, I read an article on men's groups written by one of my favorite bloggers. I loved the idea! A container for self exploration, a vehicle for growing community and encouraging deliberate connection, an opportunity for reflection and expansion. Sign me up! But I didn't know of any local women's groups, I just knew a lot of incredible women. So I started my own group, which has turned into a highlight of every week. Now I'm offering this experience to a broader audience! I'm not a therapist, so this isn't exactly group therapy. It's somewhere between therapy and a Mastermind group--collective healing work and mutual aid, goal setting, and accountability. I view my role as a facilitator more than a leader, and each group will be a co-creation depending on what every woman brings to the table. Past topics have included: * AGING - How do you feel about aging? What’s difficult, what’s enjoyable? * MONEY: Making It and Spending It – Are you comfortable speaking about money? Are you comfortable asking for money for your work and talents? How does your family talk about money? Do you feel you have enough money or too little? * WORK: How do you experience imposter syndrome? What triggers this for you? * CREATIVITY: What makes you feel creative? Where does your creativity come from? How does creativity relate to being a woman? I think it's appropriate to mix up the topics based on the current needs of the group, so we can discuss your needs and interests as we structure our agenda. The general format: * Opening (one minute meditation, Tarot pull and/or poem to set the tone) * Brief check-ins (name your mood/follow up from previous week) * Weekly topic (5 minutes per person) * Accountability check-in/group discussion * Closing (what did you find meaningful this evening?) My women's group listed these qualities as central to what makes our gatherings so special: intentional, growth-oriented, committed, active and empathic listening, generosity of spirit, accountability, grace-filled, supportive, relaxed, accepting, excitement for others. Other groups have highlighted the benefits of mutual support, differing perspectives, resources, and accountability. I want to emphasize the importance of commitment (to yourself and to the greater effort), confidentiality (what's revealed in Women's Group stays in Women's Group!), and courage (to look at yourself with kindness and curiosity while also being willing to show vulnerability in the witness of others). If you think you can embody some of these qualities, and you're ready to embark on this unique healing journey, we would love to have your insights and presence. Groups meet online via Zoom, so you can join from anywhere in the world, and are capped at 8 participants to ensure intimacy. Tuition is $40 per session, charged monthly. There are currently openings at the following times: * Tuesday from 7-8:30pm PST * Wednesday from 12-1:30pm PST

"I joined a women's group hoping to expand my circle of friends and learn from others. While  i have done both of those things i had no idea how much the group and the women in it would bring to me- accountability, motivation, new perspectives and resources,  inspiration and somehow the strength to make major life changes in a short amount of time. We are all very different and I am not sure we would have ever met or developed deep friends  outside of the structure of this group. This group has created a safe space for reflection on matters I never make time to think about and created opportunities for  personal growth in ways I never imagined or didn't think I was capable of. It is hard to adequately put it all into words which I guess just shows you how much it means to me."

Sign up now by emailing me at cmoore@mybodyhurts.com.

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