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Change the Energy to Change Your Life

I created my Extraordinary Times course when we were stuck at home, couldn't travel, couldn't really socialize, and had to spend a lot of time looking directly at ourselves (or, engaging in various behaviors to avoid that experience).

Times have changed over the past several months...but not that much. With the Delta variant wreaking havoc and vaccinations potentially waning in efficacy, many of us are again, or still, retreating into the safety of our homes.

These are indeed bizarre, extraordinary times we are living through, and I think it's a fantastic time to turn to the wisdom of the body for guidance, comfort, and healing.

Using the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, which are a sort of spiritual or energetic skeleton, this course is designed to deepen your connection with yourself, unpack limiting beliefs, and invite a new relationship with your inner critic. During this process you'll engage your own healing individually, through writing and meditation, as well as in a group setting, through guided movement and massage and weekly classes that are heavy on interpersonal dialogue.

This is very much an embodied experience, a communal experience, and a spiritual experience.

The schedule:

  • I email the lesson on Saturday morning, so you have the weekend to read over the slides, do some journaling, and meditate with whatever arises. ​

  • On Monday morning I lead a short guided moving meditation that includes acupressure, self-massage, and quiet sitting. I'll send a recording of this, and I recommend you repeat the process at least twice during the week. ​

  • On Wednesday or Thursday evening, the group (capped at 8 participants per cohort) will meet for 75 minutes to discuss what you've discovered, explore any questions, and share your experience in a community of like-minded seekers. (Th

is is where so much of the magic happens!)

The themes we explore include:

> Initiation (what do you want to start right now?)

> Nourishment (how do you take care of yourself and your budding new projects?)

> Identity (who are you, in the context of family patterns, individual evolution, and the greater cosmos?)

> Release (what do you need to let go of, in order to move forward?)

> Connection and Boundaries (how do you connect with self and others in a way that is healthy and boundaried?)

> Momentum (where are you going next, is anything blocking you, and how are you getting there?)

I would love to have you along for the ride.

If you're interested, sign up for my free webinar introducing the Extraordinary Meridians, on Sunday, September 12 at noon.

You can also read more about the Extraordinary Meridians in this blog post.

Past participants are welcome to audit this round for free! If it's your first time, the investment is $600, and you can add weekly intuitive readings for an additional $400 if you'd like. Payment plans are available, contact me directly to set up.

We begin September 18, and finish right before Halloween. (This was intentional).

Email me with any questions! This experience is challenging, enlivening, and enriching, and I think you'll love it. I hope to see you at the webinar on September 12.

Courtney Moore is a licensed acupuncturist in San Francisco, California specializing in spiritual growth. She loves sharing her passion for natural approaches to mental health through her online articles and at her clinic in the Mission district of San Francisco. Call for an appointment at 415-580-2282.

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