• Courtney Moore

Case Study: Toddler with Seizures and Anxiety

I offer these case studies as examples of my work. Note that the identity of the subjects is carefully protected, and every session is very different.

A woman contacted me regarding her three-year-old daughter. She gave me very little information, simply stating that the child had medical issues that doctors were unable to resolve.

When I tapped into the child's energy before the session began, I saw her nervous system highlighted as a network of electric blue lines. It seemed like her nervous system was on overdrive. I followed the lines to her brain, where I saw sparks shooting out from the brain, which seemed like nervous impulses that were misfiring or otherwise not reaching their intended target.

Next I looked at her chakra system, and was immediately drawn to her root chakra, which had a huge leak. In fact, this chakra looked unable to retain any energy at all. The root chakra is related to security and safety, and my impression was that this child felt unsafe or anxious and generally struggled with a profound sense of insecurity.

I wanted to know the reason for this, then sensed that there was a trauma that occurred while the child was in utero that affected her sense of stability and security. I saw a stork, which reinforced the idea that this was related to the pregnancy.

Next I saw her sixth and seventh chakras appear as unwound balls of yarn, which gave me the impression that she didn't have much mental clarity and might suffer from confusion or delayed development.

I reported all this to the child's mother over a Zoom call. Here is what she told me:

  • Her daughter suffered from seizures, and was currently medicated with Lamictal, Trazadone, and Clonidine.

  • The child also suffered extreme anxiety, and often couldn't be calmed, particularly when she sensed some sort of abandonment (e.g. when her older sister strayed too far away).

  • The child would go into intense rages during which she seemed possessed and inconsolable.

  • Doctors had run an EKG and found that the child did not enter REM sleep. In fact, she was only sleeping 4 - 6 hours per day. Her sleep had improved with the medications.

  • The mother had been told she would not be able to conceive again after her first child was born, and was so paranoid and anxious during her pregnancy that she took a pregnancy test weekly throughout the first two trimesters.

We continued our conversation and uncovered some potential causes of the child's stress, seizures, and rages. I led the mother through some guided meditations, then recommended relevant reading material, a pediatric Chinese herbal tincture, infant abdominal massage videos, and some practices the family could do together to feel more of a sense of security and safety. I encouraged the mother to keep me notified of any developments and book another session in a couple months for further exploration depending on the child's progress.

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