Intuitive Readings
Learn. Heal. Grow.

An intuitive reading provides insight into the states of both your physical and spiritual bodies. This awareness and clarity is a catalyst for the healing you crave.


A Medical Intuitive Reading with me may include:

• A scan of your body’s physical systems and symptoms

• Evaluation of your energetic centers (chakras) and energetic field (aura)

• Assessment of acupuncture meridians and important points

• Exploration of the themes, beliefs, narratives, relationships, and past life influences that are affecting your well-being

• Guided visualizations or meditations to move energy

• A collection of holistic and conventional resources to address physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of any health concerns

You may record your session, and you are welcome to take notes.


Following your appointment, you may wish to journal, take a bath or a walk, or otherwise make space to process what you learn. Watch for synchronicities and subtle or overt shifts that affirm the new direction you're going.

Sessions take place over video conferencing

Current rates are $220/60-minutes or $110/30-minutes

I strongly recommend a package of three sessions: 60-30-30 ($400)

Courtney has truly been one of the most wonderful, caring, and intuitive practitioners I've ever been to. Sessions with her always felt personalized, nurturing, and grounding. She's simply the best! 

- Alyssa, Los Angeles

Note that I cannot make a formal medical diagnosis, which would be based on a different evaluative and treatment model. I strongly encourage you to engage qualified practitioners (physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, etc) who can work with you on a physical level if you seek that approach. Following an energetic reading with a physical treatment can be profoundly effective; if you are in San Francisco you may also book an acupuncture session with me.

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