Extraordinary Times

A course on finding wholeness through transition periods, utilizing the Eight Extraordinary Meridians


Week One: Du Mai | INITIATION

Week Two: Ren Mai | CONNECTION

Week Three: Chong Mai | IDENTITY

Week Four: Dai Mai | RELEASE

Week Five: Yin Wei Mai | INNER

Week Six: Yang Wei Mai | OUTER

Week Seven: Yin Qiao Mai | VESSEL

Week Eight: Yang Qiao Mai | MOMENTUM


  • An emailed lesson module on the themes listed above
  • Guided meditations that include gentle movement and self-massage

  • Writing prompts and Tarot pulls to spark your daily inner exploration and personal meditations

  • A weekly online group mastermind discussion (a great place to practice vulnerability, humility, and deep listening)

  • Optional add-on: Weekly intuitive readings to profoundly personalize the experience


September 19 - November 14 2021


Live Course: $800 covers 9 lessons, 8 live mastermind groups, and 8 guided meditations.

Add eight 30-minute Video Sessions to either option for $800. 

Your Instructor:

Courtney Moore is a Licensed Acupuncturist and intuitive healer based in San Francisco.