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Online Courses

Connection and expansion during COVID

Particularly during this pandemic, I want to make space for you to engage your own healing and self-exploration in a solitary but supported way. 

These live online courses are a great way to experience touch, wisdom, compassion, and connection, from the safety of your own home but in community with myself and other seekers. 

Learn more about my current offerings below.

Extraordinary Times: Self Exploration During Transitory Periods

A 6 - week live group class. Next start date Spring 2022​.

Autumn Women's Group

An 8 - week live group meeting, starting November 1, 2021.

Treating TMJ At Home - A 75 - minute webinar.

The Enneagram: A Somatic Journey

A 5 - week course starting this winter.

Next Offered Spring 2022


Extraordinary Times

Drink from the well of yourself, 

And begin again.

- Bukowski

We can’t travel the world, so let’s travel within.


In this six-week course, we’ll use the Extraordinary Meridians to deepen your connection with yourself and begin a transformative inner journey.


You’ll learn about the innate wisdom held in your body, unpack limiting beliefs, and invite a new relationship with your inner critic. 


During this process you'll engage your own healing individually, through writing and meditation, as well as in a group setting, through guided movement and massage and weekly classes that are heavy on interpersonal dialogue.

If you want a deeper relationship with yourself, and you want a kinder relationship with yourself, this is the place to start.

Payment plans are available.

Home Desk
This program includes:
  • Weekly emailed lesson modules (see syllabus here)

  • Writing prompts and Tarot pulls to spark your inner exploration and personal meditations

  • Guided meditations that include gentle movement, acupressure, and self-massage

  • A weekly online group mastermind discussion capped at 8 participants per cohort

  • Optional add-on: Weekly intuitive readings to profoundly personalize the experience (discounted to $400 when purchased with the course).


Extraordinary Times

Drink from the well of yourself, 

And begin again.

- Bukowski

Home Desk

Wednesdays 8-9pm, November 1-December 22

Autumn Women's Group

Explore yourself, in the company of a supportive group of like-minded seekers.

This online women's group, starting in November, is a place to examine your patterns, beliefs, and blocks. What's working in your life? What isn't? Where do you want to grow right now?

We'll be investigating different themes each week, like money, sexuality, self-care, family relationships, and more.

The group is a container to share your experience with supportive witnesses, as well as a way to build community and connection during these bizarre times.


Bring your curiosity, enthusiasm, honesty, and most authentic self. The more you can show up, the more you get out of this.


We'd love to have you along for the ride. 

Group Calls

Wednesdays, 8-9pm PST
November 1 to December 22

Tuition: $280


Treating TMJ at Home


Jaw pain plagues millions of people. We might even call it a pandemic. 

So many people wear night guards and get massage, but never really see a change in their jaw pain pattern. 

For this 75-minute webinar, join Courtney Moore L.Ac. and Candace Combs CMT to learn their secrets for understanding and changing TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain.

 You'll learn some basic anatomy; practice acupressure, self-massage, and trigger point release; and discuss some of the emotional roots of TMJ dysfunction. 

If you suffer from jaw pain, jaw locking, headaches, or grinding/clenching your teeth at night, this webinar is not to be missed! Read more here. 

Replay: $25

Payment plans are available.

Make Your Best Face

Your face tells your story. 

It tells the world about your family. About your stressors. About your kindness. About your calling. 

Ultimately, your face reflects your inner world. 

In this 5- week course, we'll use Chinese facial diagnosis, acupressure and massage, and meditation to unpack the wisdom of the face and allow your truth and beauty to shine through.

We'll also discuss dietary modifications, herbs, and supplements that deeply nourish your face from the inside. 

Optionally, add weekly intuitive readings or acupuncture treatments  to expedite the changes to your skin and face. 

More details coming soon!

3D Face Parts

Coming Soon!


Beginning Winter 2021

The Enneagram:

A Somatic Exploration 

The Enneagram. One of the most powerful tools I've encountered for identifying ego patterns and releasing what separates us from one another. 

In my studies of the Enneagram, I've noticed certain somatic tendencies. Ones hold tension in their jaw and shoulders; Eights store a lot of anger in their energetic liver system; the melancholy of Fours affects the lungs and skin. 

Join me in a five-week exploration of the Enneagram, co-taught with licensed psychologist Dr Jennifer Christian. Learn how these patterns affect you personally, and what you can do to shift your experience. We'll begin with a basic introduction to the Enneagram and a typing survey, so you don't need any previous experience with the Enneagram to benefit from this course. 


Wednesdays from 6-7:30pm PST
Winter 2021

More offerings coming soon!

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