“[My husband] is someone who has sleep apnea, snores AND suffers from insomnia and he slept silently and like a baby every night of the cleanse - it was an incredible change. His also has high blood pressure and it plummeted (in a good way) while on the program.”

“It's been a terrific experience. I've begun a very mindful re-entry process. I feel good, have more energy and have lost 7 pounds.”

21 Days to a Healthier You!

Most of us can agree that eating a clean diet, free of sugar and artificial ingredients, is ideal for optimal health.

And maybe you do that...some of the time. But it's hard to avoid sugar, and sugar is addictive. It's in baked goods and desserts, and beverages like sodas and alcohol. Simple carbohydrates like bread and pasta break down to glucose in your body, and most sauces contain sugar (even ketchup!), 

Sugar isn't the only potentially harmful food you're ingesting. Common allergens like gluten, dairy, and soy may be tolerated but secretly causing a host of unpleasant symptoms like brain fog, bloating, and skin problems. Alcohol taxes your liver, and caffeine can interrupt your normal circadian rhythm. 

Plus, these days our food is often full of additives that our body doesn't recognize as nutrition. Food colorings, preservatives, artificial flavors, MSG, and other chemical additives can cause problems in your system.


Unclean water, subpar soil quality, cosmetic products, and plastics also all affect our internal health. 

And this is why I offer this cleanse! I don't advocate juice cleanses or long-term fasting, but I've seen and felt the positive effects of the Standard Process Purification Program. 

Combine a clean eating plan with food-based supplements that help optimize organ function, and you've got a fantastic program to get your diet and other habits back on track.

On this cleanse, plenty of fresh produce, limited organic lean meats, and healthy fats like olive oil and coconut oil comprise the majority of your meals. Throughout the 21 days you will learn and practice healthy new habits to take forward.

Read more details (and recipes!) here, and sign up below.

People often choose to cleanse due to:


  • Low energy

  • Fertility issues

  • Digestive discomfort

  • Low libido

  • Skin issues

  • Brain fog

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Hypertension

  • Wanting to lose weight

The Protocol:

  • Eliminate major inflammatory foods including alcohol, caffeine, dairy, gluten, red meat, soy, sugar, and nuts. Some people choose to eliminate eggs, chicken, citrus, beans, and nightshades as well--we can discuss!

  • Add in 2-3 daily protein shakes

  • Take a fiber supplement and two food-based supplements that further support key detoxification processes.


  • Introductory 30-minute phone consultation

  • Daily inspirational emails from Standard Process

  • Weekly guidance emails from me

  • Email support for any questions that arise during your cleanse and the subsequent integration period


  • Total cost for supplements ranges from $250-300.

  • Optional guidance from me (introductory consultation and support emails) is $125.

  • Note that any and all food costs are additional

  • Targeted 10-day programs are also available (inquire below for rates and details)

Invest time, money, and effort for your health!

Still have questions? Drop me a line.

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